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Our brands

Professional Food

Ristorazione di classe

The line Professional Food
is dedicated to Coffee Shops,
Hotels, Bars, Restaurants and Caterings
with products totally made in Italy,
studied for the necessities of the
most exigent professionals.

Terra e Pane

Il gusto della tradizione.

Terra e Pane offers a wide range of vegetable based drinks , produced in Italy,
Organic and Kosher certified, tasty
and naturally good for the whole family.

Vegan Style

Eccellenza e salute.

Vegan Style is the organic line with recipes dedicated to the vegans
and entirely produced in Italy.
Studied for the most demanding and fine diets.


Bevande vegetali con passione

Mirvana is a high quality line of vegetable based drinks for everybody.
Thanks to its balanced and nourishing recipes, it is the ideal line to keep a good shape and for a good nutrition from the wake up.

Our raw materials

Thanks to the short supply chain, International Food, made itself a promoter for the combination of agricultural and industrial sectors, that lead the company to be one important reference on the vegetable, organic and vegan market.

Nasciamo dalla nostra terra

  • Carefully selected raw materials
  • Treated from the whole grain.
  • Produced by self created extraction method.

What does it make us as unique:

  • Study and development of an innovative technology
  • Love and respect for the environment by the use of selected raw materials
  • Great experience in the conception and formulation of vegetable based products

Terra e Pane, Vegan Style, Professional Food, Mirvana:

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