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Our history

  • 1975

    The choice of changing

    Salvatore Gallo and his wife Mirvana, in order to avoid the side effects of dairy products for their own family, chose to approach an alternative diet, more conscious and totally vegetable based.

    Gallo’s Family started a journey throughout unexplored routes, with a sole certainty:
    good HEALTH = Good Food

  • 1980
    A new beginning

    Salvatore and Mirvana left their jobs as teachers to start the production of 100% plant based food. They launched the first alternative products store of non-animal origin: “Terra e Pane” in Cesena, still operating nowadays.

  • 1999
    From gastronomy to beverages

    Gallo’s family started the first productions of gastronomy with totally animal -free ingredients.

    Salvatore believed the potentialities of a field still unexplored. He decided to approach cereal drinks, beginning from rice.

  • 2008
    The technology

    The method of extraction of beverages has been designed and developed from Gallo’s Family in the factory in Santarcangelo di Romagna.

    Since 2008 the production has been focused on vegetable based drinks, thru a sophisticated technology perfectioned along the years and eventually chased by many companies operating on the national market.

  • 2012
    The company growth

    In the 2012, also the two sons, Samuele and Luca, joined the family activities.
    During these years, Gallo’s family has been implementing their business Overseas.
    Here, thanks to the partnership with a Brazilian rice producer, they developed the first production line of cereal drinks in South America.

  • 2016
    A steady growth

    The production of plant origin drinks increased under the beloved brand “Terra e Pane”
    In addition to rice and soy, some new drinks were developed: from oat, almonds, millet and more
    A new brand was launched: Mirvana. And the brand Vegan Style has been acquired by the company.

  • 2017

    A new line has been created exclusively dedicated to Coffee shops and restaurants: PROFESSIONAL FOOD.


Today International Food represents a journey marked by a constant evolution towards new technologies and new markets. Through experimenting and hardworking they keep the goal of offering quality products and new advanced solutions to all the customers. Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Santarcangelo di Romagna

Our land, our roots

Gallo’s family was born and grew up in Santarcangelo di Romagna, a medieval village with an ancient charm, on the first hills of Rimini. Here, art, nature and tradition harmoniously merge in a history that talks about taste, health and conscious nutrition.

Mirvana Pieri
Purchase and Logistic Manager

Salvatore Gallo

Samuele Gallo
Sales Director

Luca Gallo
Production Manager

Ivan Marchetti
Sales Account

Elia Pratiffi

Laura Lucarini

Chiara Teodorani

Gianpaolo Pallareti
Production Operators

Annalisa Taccari
Quality Control Department

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