We are promoters of a strong relation between agricultural and industrial world.
We evaluate and respect the short supply-chains and the Italian produce. 
There we select our ingredients raw, and whole in order to always grant the best selection.

Prodotti biologici

This made us a as important reference
for the plant based, vegan alternative market.

Professional Food caters to hotels, coffeeshops, restaurants. It’s a line made in Italy entirely made for the most demanding professionals.

The brand ViviCosi offers declicious natural drinks made of whole cereals, enriched with vitamins, minerals and calcium.  Ideal for whoever looks for a natural healthy lifestyle.

Mirvana is a brand offering high quality plant-based drinks, with dedicated balanced recipes to keep us healthy since the first meal of the day.

Terra  e Pane, a large selection of plant based drinks, made in Italy, organic, tasty and naturally good for the whole family.